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We Were Never Meant To Be,We Just Happened: An Unexpected Love Story (English Edition)

“I don’t understand why you give me such a hard time. I know you better than that ni**a will ever know you. We can make this shit work, Hari. I just need you to give me a fair chance… Please?”
If it was left up to Jahari to describe her love life, she’d quickly say nonexistent. She focused on school, work and photography, trying to better her future for her and her son. All of that quickly changed when she finally gets her hands on a man she’s been crushing on. They hit it off and love comes fast but just as fast it seems to fall apart. When she least expects it, she finds herself caught between the one she always knew she wanted and the best thing she never knew she needed. The question is who does she end up with?
Kaelyn seems to have everything figured out. She’s interested in having fun and turning up school, and just living every day as if it’s her last but when she meets Josiah, he slows her up. Their love story is one of the oddest but it works out perfectly for them but when a secret about Josiah and his dealings is exposed, it leaves Kaelyn broken and confused. Unintentionally, she finds herself in the arms of another man. Could he be the one to pick up all of the broken pieces and help put her back together again?
In We Were Never Meant To Be, We Just Happened, two best friends and the men who love them are put to the test when it comes to love. Not everything is not what meets the eye but in the end, it will it all play out?

When It Cost To Be The Boss: German and Sky (English Edition)

For Sky, Ahmad Carter, was everything. He kept her laced in the lasted gear, driving the most stylish whip, and weighed down in cash. He could make her body sing a song like no other. Every girls dream, right? Wrong!
The phrase money doesnt buy happiness served correctly, because when tragedy strikes, Sky is left feeling alone. That is until German makes his presence felt.
German didnt come looking for love, but when he met Sky things just felt right. There was no way he could ignore the energy between them.
But who said Carter was just going to bow down and walk away. Join German & Sky on their journey to love. It aint always pretty, but sometimes you have to pay the cost, to be the boss!

Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is Hood: The Savage Brothers (English Edition)

From birth, the Savage brothers were taught by their father, Deuce, that life is like a sandwich; any way you flip it, the bread comes first. They were taught to get money, not fall in love, so they left a wreckage of broken hearts on their road to getting money. Yet, now, as mature men, they realize that you’re not rich until you have something that money can’t buy. And money certainly cannot buy the women that have stolen these brothers’ hard and stubborn hearts.

Taye “City” Savage and Akira White’s love story started in the projects. Ten years ago, they met when Akira was only a young girl and City was a grown man getting his hustle started. City and Akira’s bond was strong, and their fate was inevitable, so they thought. However, before their bound could be sealed, life happened. They were torn apart by unimaginable circumstances, and they never saw one another again until a decade later. Yet, by that time, both City and Akira were involved, but they weren’t so loyal to Nova and Davion that they could ignore the passion in their hearts that they still harbored for one another.

The only thing that ever mattered to Keandre “Money” Savage was the hustle. He had never fallen in love, not even with his girlfriend of five years, Zoe Moore. Money and Zoe had the typical hood love that involved lots of fussing, fighting, and other women. Yet, Zoe was the only one in the relationship that was in love. Money only kept her by his side because she was the last woman standing. Along the way, he had ruined Zoe with every woman that he cheated on her with, and every lie he told. Now, Money is finally ready to shed his immature ways and settle down. Yet, Zoe finds herself in a desperate state of mind when she realizes that she is not the woman that Money has chosen to settle down with.

Shamar Savages’ only love has been his love for art. When his brothers financed his baby, Savage Ink, his only focus was his tattoo shop. Yet, he soon realizes that despite not even wanting it, he was falling for his friend and frequent dip, Taraji Green. However, Taraji had the same mindset as Shamar. Her only focus was becoming the baddest hair stylist in Chicago; not love. The last thing she wanted was a committed relationship with anyone, not even one of the infamous Savage brothers.
Sometimes, the last thing a person wants to do is fall in love, but love sucks them in any way. That is exactly what happens with these Savage brothers and the women that adore them. As life always has it, love ain’t that easy to obtain, especially when loving a man that was raised by the streets and whose first love is the hustle. In yet another urban tale by Jessica N. Watkins, death, sex, and chaos leads to unforeseen tragedy and unexpected love.

Cuffing A Philly Street Thug 1 (English Edition)

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“I can never win. And isn’t life that way? You always want what you can’t have. Everything is always in the wrong place at the right time or vise versa. Either way, you never get the whole package. You never get all it is you want.”

Jamika, an ambitious, beautiful, bronze goddess is the independent and talented mother to nine-year-old Gem. Unaware of what lies ahead, she goes to a throwback concert featuring her favorite group of all time, Black Ice.

She finds herself thrown into a dark yet interesting world she never knew with Dante, a tall, dark-skinned body guard who lived a life under the radar all of these years. She’s in disbelief as she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of unexpected sex, drama, betrayal, her favorite artist from Black Ice, and something she promised she’d never do after she lost her boyfriend, Max, ten years ago – mess with the game.

How did this all happen? Did Max actually die? How will she survive, penniless? What happened to her money? Will she be able to protect Gem? Who of her close friends can she trust? Will Dante resurface?

The Six Degrees Of Love from The Art Of Romance: The Six Degrees of Love! (Romantic America Book 29) (English Edition)

The Art Of Romance ~ The Six Degrees of Love

“Just the facts Mamn.. just the facts.”

As I know there are people out there who are curious and want to see if this “Romance Thing” is for them, this abridged version is a perfect introduction to “The Art Of Romance ~ The Book”.

Featuring timeless ideas that remain current in the 21st century, this book is sure to inspire any relationship whether new, moving forward, or.. “We need something different in our lives!”.

If you find yourself saying:

“You know, something feels good with this person and I want to make it last!”, this book will show you how to appreciate “The Best That Life Has To Offer!”

One thing is certain; once you truly savor a romantic mood or atmosphere that you and / or your partner have created, it is then you truly appreciate the wonders of “The Art of Romance”.

The Six Degrees of Love

How does Romance and Falling In Love begin and evolve?

The first six chapters of The Art Of Romance not only give you a better understanding of how it all works, but shows you step by step on what it takes to create a relationship that will bloom and grow to everything you have always dreamed of.

The Six Degrees of Love
1) Getting To Know You: The initial stages of the relationship.
2) The Best Is Yet To Come: Learn about each other at intimate settings.
3) It’s Getting Better: “Spending Quality Time Together” goes to a new level.
4) Crazy On You: Creating the perfect intimate setting.
5) Slave To Love: Perfecting the areas you’ll be spending a lot of time at.
6) The Rhythm Divine: Creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Within these chapters you will find:

• Articles on Dating And Dining, Buying Flowers and Gifts and How To Pack A Picnic Basket

• Inexpensive Adventures, Romantic Dinners At Home and Chocolate Covered Strawberries

• Romantic Massages, The Ultimate Bubble Bath, The Perfect Feather Bed, Aromatherapy and Breakfast In Bed

• Romantic Traveling, and more…

Want more?

“The Art Of Romance ~ The Book” (available at Amazon.com / Kindle) continues with information on:

• Romantic Music and Movies; all with direct links to Amazon to purchase and enhance your collection.

• Recipes from the finest Bed & breakfast Inns on the West Coast include breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and 3 course menus. All designed to so you can have “The Perfect Romantic Dinner At Home.”

• Discovering romance in all kinds of weather.
• Romancing your pool or backyard
• Romantic Poetry and Quotes
• Love Notes – Sensual suggestions to share with your partner. And more…

All presented in an easy to understand format highlighted with color photos and inspiring graphics.

Thanks for trying out this book. Click here to download The Art Of Romance ~ The Book

About the Author

Ken Christensen, author, artist and entrepreneur, developed the Romantic America Travel Book Series in 1990 and researched, wrote and published 25 travel books through 2005. They toured the most romantic destinations in 43 of the continental United States and British Columbia.

In 2014 / 2015 13 of these publications will be converted to E-pubs and will feature romantic escapes, Bed & Breakfast Inns, hotels, resorts, restaurants and romantic traveling tips that can be enjoyed on “The Romantic Highway”.

The theme “The Art Of Romance” is prevalent in these books and features information on How To Be Romantic On A Daily Basis.

In 2014 all of this “Romantic Information” was combined into one informative book, The Art Of Romance.